Texas Microfactory™

ARRI is home of the Texas Microfactory - a collection of assembly and packaging laboratories for micromanufacturing. An existing 900 ft² class 10k cleanroom dedicated to heterogeneous microassembly is currently expanded to include an additional 900 ft² class 10k/1k/100 lab dedicated to wafer-scale integration. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes:

Microrobotics and Microassembly

  • The M³ modular micropackaging system based on a Motoman RW-161 platform. This platform has multiple robots with up to 1 micron positioning accuracy,4 end-effectors and 15 degrees of freedom.
  • The µ³ microassembly system including 3 robotic end-effectors with nanometer level precision positioning. A total of 19 DOF Polytec PI motorized stages (including servos and piezoactuators) and high magnification stereo vision is used to perform MEMS assembly.
  • General-purpose National Instruments data acquisition and control systems and software tools for assembly planning and execution.
  • Micromanipulator probe station with five manual and motorized probes for MEMS testing and characterization.
  • High precision 16 DOF Thor Labs motorized modular stages for micropositioning.
  • Vibration isolation tables, fiber-optic tools and materials, UV adhesive and curing system.
  • Motorized high magnification microscope cameras and Labview IMAQ image acquisition software.
  • Milliwatt and Watt range lasers, delivery optics, filters, beam-splitters, other optical accessories and calibration tools.
  • National Instruments PXI chassis with LCR meter, digital multimeter, digital oscilloscope, data acquisition system, image acquisition and motion control.

MEMS Packaging and Metrology

  • Veeco Wyko NT1100 DMEMS optical profiler and motion analyzer.
  • EVG 520IS/620 wafer bonder and aligner.
  • Laurier M-9A die bonder.
  • K&S 1415 automatic ball wire bonder.
  • High magnification inspection microscope Nikon MM-40.
  • Fume hood with nickel, gold and copper electroplating system.
  • Thermolyne programmable hot plate with digital display.
  • Coherent 20W soldering/welding diode laser.
  • Terra Universal Environmental Enclosure.
  • March Plasmod plasma cleaner.
  • Veeco helium fine leak detection system
  • Thermolyne high temperature reflow oven.
  • Environics 4000 series gas mixing system.



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